A French star gang but two generations at the MetGala 2016

Vanessa Paradis might have some beef with the likes of Marion Cotillard being deemed “supermodels,” but Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani are totally on the ‘younger’ generation’s side.

Deneuve, in her seventies, made a point of posing at the Met Gala, adding afterward that she thought it was great that today’s models had social media to bolster their career. Catherine could be so jealous, because she could feel women like Marion Cotillard have this direct way to communicate with her audience that Deneuve’s generation didn’t have. Indeed, neither Catherine Deneuve nor Isabelle Adjani have this responsibility. But we have to recognize that this could be also a great tool, because stars like Vanessa Paradis really can be their own publicists. They can present themselves the way they want to be presented or seen.

But Deneuve and Adjani’s prestations at the Met Gala are the proof that legitimate fashion people are often those one who can’t stand to be considered as social media supermodels. All these younger girls cannot be true supermodels. For sure, Deneuve hates it and she would know where fashion is and where it is not… Somehow, though, La Mode à La Française thinks Marion Cotillard and Lily Rose Depp will be able to shake this off — and their millions of followers would probably agree.

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