May 4th is Loulou de La Falaise’s birthday !

« I remember this girl who looked like a gypsy while walking in the streets of beautiful London. At that time already, her style surprised all of us. We were amazed and fascinated to see LouLou de La Falaise on the cover of US Vogue in 1968, photographed under the lens of Robert Mapplethorpe. I remember that every week I was flipping the international news pages of France Dimanche where we could see pictures of that other world, recounting the beautiful Parisian evenings. I knew Loulou would be in one of these pages. She was invited at all nights, and was attending all the shows – even the paparazzi themselves could no longer keep the pace. In the 60s, a party without Loulou was just not a party. Feverish, I was looking at every photos of her, one by one, to see and admire her.

One day, I got struck by her sophisticated simplicity as she was wearing a black satin pantsuit and red dragons pattern from Ossie Clark. Always laughing with Saint Laurent or posing entwined in the arms of her dear Thaddeus, Loulou was hypnotic. I could guess, through these black and white images, the brightness of her raucous laugh and I imagined the smell of the smoke from her cigarette that she had always stuck between her lips. I confess that I envied – we all envied – the delicate shape of her body and the finesse of her neck, which allowed her to make all the overlays she pleased!

And her hair! I dreamed secretly to have the same turban from which fell some aerial loops. But I have never dared to do it. Only a woman as ‘original’ and glamorous as Loulou de La Falaise could afford such extravagance! »

Happy Birthday Loulou !

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