Fundación MAPFRE opens a retrospective on Bruce Davidson !

From May 28thto August 28th 2016, Fundación MAPFRE presents the first retrospective exhibition in Spain on the work of Bruce Davidson, one of the leading exponents of humanist photography and member of the Magnum agency, at its exhibition hall in Barcelona (Casa Garraga I Nogués). Vamos !

The exhibition offers an overview of the artist’s entire career, more than fifty years of continuous work, and presents some of his most renowned series, such as Brooklyn Gang, East 100th Street and Time of Change: Civil Rights Movement. Also included in the selection are his latest works, Nature of Paris and Nature of Los Angeles.

Bruce Davidson set out on what was to become a passionate relationship with photography at a very young age. More than responding to a specific style, his work is characterized by a personal vision of reality that manifests itself in his art, not so much in the individual images as in the effect produced by the reiteration and juxtaposition of themes and characters. The spectator shares an intimacy with them that is made accessible through Davidson’s charismatic presence, allowing him to reap the trust of the people being portrayed and easily gain access to their lives, even when dealing with controversial subjects. His work is therefore the reflection of an ethical commitment towards the harsh realities and the precarious and vulnerable environments in which the daily existence of the people being photographed unfolds.

The exhibition can also be visited starting next September at the Foundation’s main site in Madrid, after which it will begin its international tour at the NederlandsFotomuseum in Rotterdam and CAMERA, Centro Italiano per la Fotografía de Turín (Italian Center for Photography in Turin).

The Bruce Davidson exhibition and its international tour have been made possible by the support of TERRA Foundation for American Art.

La Mode à La Française loves above all the time ‘Nature of Paris ‘ of the artist ( 2005 and 2006 ) !

Why ? In the last few decades, Bruce Davidson has focused all his personal work on the subject of nature, which in the way of a trilogy, continues with the spaces in which nature overlaps with the city in Paris and Los Angeles. These are the two projects that close an extremely intense life dedicated to photography spanning more than fifty years of continuous work. When he produced them, Davidson was already in his sixties, but seemed to have the same energy, joviality and desire to learn that he had when he was young and still has today when working at the Museum of Natural History, close to his home. These last photographs are not part of a preconceived plan, except for continuing to research the relationship between urban spaces and nature. They are taken for his own enjoyment, with the aim of resting an eye trained in and weathered by the most committed themes, and in order to find meaning in the small details and discover unexpected revelations in these natural elements.

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May 28th to August 28th, 2016
Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga
Nogués Exhibition Hall
(C/ de la Diputació, 250, 08007 Barcelona)

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